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MHS 1 . The first of our pre configured and pre installed MHS hilts to be released.

A flat black powder coated hilt with real brass accents on the thin neck, pommel insert, thumbscrew, and switches. 

Installed in to our custom Proffie core chassis with the below components

- Proffie v3.9 - The latest open source soundcard that allows a tremendous amount of customization
- 2x 12mm KR Brass Pixel Switches 
- SchtokCustomWorx NPXL Pixel Connector 
- Keeppower 21700 3.7V 15A 5000mAh PCB Protected Battery
- 28mm Uber X Speaker

Total Length is 11.5" . These parts are all MHSv1 parts and other MHS parts can be used with this hilt. 

Includes a USB Only 21700 Battery Charger. A Wall adapter can be selected above or purchased here > USB Wall Adapter

The hilts are made to order and can take 2-3 weeks to process. A Blade is not included.

Proffie v3.9 Sound Module Specifics

The Proffie v3.9 is the latest fully open source Saber soundcard with Smoothswing and Pixel capability! An advanced board with a tremendous amount of customization options.  Due to the advanced nature of the board, we recommend you start to review Proffie resources below before programming. 

The sound module comes with a Sandisk Ultra 32GB A1 SD card
 preloaded with the default Proffie package that includes 6x Sound Fonts with some subtle tweaks for core functionality to allow easy color changing on the fly. 

If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit

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